BESPOKE – Inside Meta

A bespoke opportunity for groups of leaders to visit Meta, to learn about how they are addressing The Future of Work and The Power of Mixed Reality (MR) & Augmented Reality (AR), as well as the opportunity to experience the AR and MR headsets personally.

A bespoke opportunity

Wavelength’s Inside Meta programme offers participants a unique, one-day, truly immersive, in-person opportunity to explore Meta, their approach to the Future of Work as well as their Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality technology.

About Meta

Meta Platforms, Inc. previously known as Facebook, Inc. is the parent company of social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus. The rebranding took place in October 2021 and the name change was accompanied by a strategic shift towards building the metaverse, which encompasses virtual reality, augmented reality, and other immersive technologies.

Who is the 'Inside Meta’ programme for?

Wavelength’s Inside Meta immersive visit is suitable for teams of between 12-20 leaders who are keen to gain new insights, inspiration, and perspectives on innovative culture, frontier technologies such as MR and AR, ED&I and social inclusion.

The teams could comprise of:

  • Intact teams looking for inspiration on one or more of the core themes
  • Leaders from talent pools looking for a unique leadership development experience

What are the programme elements?

The Meta Immersive Visit

During the course of this highly immersive, in-person visit, participants will learn about:

  1. Meta’s approach to The Future of Work
  2. The Power of Mixed Reality (MR) & Augmented Reality (AR)
  3. Immersive demonstrations on Meta’s MR and AR technology in the Meta London Reality Lab.

Participants will hear from a cross-section of Meta’s London leaders and we will explore the design and fostering of their culture of innovation, building a community experience at scale, as well as looking at ED&I, and exploring how they approach innovation in service of their mission. We will also look at examples of how private and charity organisations are using immersive technologies to drive connection, collaboration and social impact.

A Talk on ‘What Makes A Great Organisation’

In addition, participants will hear from Wavelength Co-founder and speaker Adrian Simpson on ‘What Makes a Great Organisation?’ During this session, he will share insights and stories gathered from over 25 years of visiting the shop floors and boardrooms of some of the world’s most innovative, successful companies. Adrian will use examples from the likes of Airbnb, Alibaba, Apple, Tesla, Southwest Airlines, JD.Com, Ritz-Carlton, Netflix, Four Seasons, LEGO, Alan Jope, Unilever CEO, Jesper Brodin, IKEA CEO and Helle Thorning-Schmidt, Former Prime Minister of Denmark. Through their lens Adrian has observed the defining elements of success. A storyteller at heart he will bring to life how such organisations remain at the forefront and how truly authentic leaders lead.

A Talk on the latest consumer trends affecting your sector

The third element of the day enables participants to hear from trends expert and Wavelength speaker David Mattin. Customer and client expectations are accelerating faster than ever. David will share consumer trends set to supercharge incumbent organisations. Each one an opportunity to innovate and create new products, services, and experiences. Along the way, he helps participants learn a simple, powerful framework that will empower them to start spotting their own trends. David will focus on Generative AI and the impact it is having on business and society, using examples to open the minds of your leaders to what the short-term future will look like.