Inside Pret A Manger

18 September 2024 - 15:00

Wavelength Inspire September: Inside Pret A Manger

with Pano Christou, CEO, Pret A Manger

This month we will go inside Inside Culture and Customer Service Excellence, with Pano Christou, CEO, Pret A Manger.

College friends, Sinclair and Julian, opened the first Pret A Manger in London in 1986. It was a shop with a mission to create handmade food, freshly prepared each day. The two of them had woefully little experience in the world of business. They created the sort of food they craved but couldn’t find anywhere else. 30 years on, the mission remains unchanged. They build kitchens in (or very near) every shop. You won’t find ‘sell-by’ dates on their fresh sandwiches and salads. Their milk and coffee is organic and they offer their unsold food to charity at the end of each day rather than keeping it to sell the next day.

Pano was 21 when he started at Pret a Manger as an assistant store manager in London. 19 years and 10 promotions later, he’s now the CEO, a position he’s held for five years.

Pano will be taking us inside his journey from the bottom to the very top of the Pret career ladder, and he will share his insights on culture, customer service excellence and innovation, as well as offering us some very special leadership lessons.