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Welcome to Making Waves - the podcasts series from Wavelength dedicated to all things leadership. Join us as we dive into fascinating conversations with first-class business leaders and practitioners from around the world, covering some of the hottest topics in leadership.

Episode 1: How To Lead A Virtual Organisation

Wavelength Co-founder, Adrian Simpson, talks with Barbie Brewer, a Silicon Valley-based Chief People Officer with unparalleled experience of what it takes to lead a fully virtual organisation.


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Episode 4: How to Innovate Like Lego

LEGO is one of the world’s most popular brands with a legendary reputation for innovation. Key to this was the establishment of their Future Group - set up ‘to invent the future of play'.


In this podcast David Gram, former senior innovation and marketing director and Head of Ventures distils the role, remit and secrets behind the success of this unit which helped LEGO move well beyond the brick!


Episode 2 Mission Change - Leading Through Crisis

In this podcast Stuart Tootal, Former Commander of 3PARA in Afghanistan, shares his lessons from the frontline, the day to day learnings and insights on what it takes to lead through a crisis, to stay resilient, and deliver impact. 


Episode 5: Everyone is an entrepreneur of their own life

In this podcast Alan Webber gives us a deep and personal insight into what it really takes to reimagine and reinvent yourself.


Moving from HBR to Fast Company, political speech writing to City Mayor, Alan takes us through his experience of learning and unlearning, getting rid of fear, redefining purpose and the Rules of Thumb to follow as an entrepreneur of your own life. A provocative and practical guide to personal change.

Episode 3: Inside Service Excellence - Southwest Airlines

In this episode Elizabeth Bryant, VP, Southwest Airlines University, provides invaluable, practical insights into what it takes to create and maintain such a special culture in one of the toughest, most regulated and unionised sectors.


Episode 6: Leadership Insights with Fred Reid

In this podcast we hear from Fred Reid. A serial leader, Fred was Founding CEO at Virgin America, President at Lufthansa and President at Delta Airlines. Fred has also worked alongside Brian Chesky, CEO of Airbnb for 5 years, with Larry Page, the Co-Founder of Google, as well as Richard Branson.

Fred Reid's global track record is truly unique. His incredible career spans almost 50 years. He has been featured in the Financial Times and San Francisco Business Times, and was named Executive of the Year in 2007.


Listen as he tells Wavelength's Adrian Simpson of his "accidental career, with no business training", and how he's a person with ethics, compassion and who cares about people. Find out more as Fred shares his leadership insights and his deep identification with servant leadership.

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