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Embrace New Technologies

Steve Cadigan, Former VP of Talent at Linkedin – why it’s important to embrace new technologies

In this short, motivational clip Steve Cadigan, Silicon Valley based thought leader, advisor and coach will make you sit up and think, “Yes, you’re right. I should be making use of new technologies”.

In today’s society of new technologies we are all able to be in constant contact with many more people than before. Steve stresses the importance of taking advantage of this. As long as we are looking in the right place we will find people out there who will be able to help each of us solve our toughest problems and become better leaders.

This increased reliance on technology is here to stay. Used correctly it enables us all to get our voice heard both by those people we know are listening and by many more.

In business your brand matters. If you are not taking advantage of the technology around you to fill people’s heads with meaningful, positive, exciting stuff about your brand then firstly you are missing an opportunity, but secondly others will be, and this may well be detrimental to your brand.

Steve urges us all, as leaders, to get involved. We all need to get comfortable, find our purpose and find our voice.



Steve Cadigan is part of the Wavelength Speakers Bureau.To view his full biography, find links to video’s and to book Steve to speak at your own event go to Wavelength Speakers Bureau, Steve Cadigan.

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