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What’s Your Moral Purpose?

In this short extract from Baroness Sue Campbell CBE, Chair, Youth Sport Trust, she shares with us how someone she had helped returned the favour at her time of need.

In 2010 the entire budget was cut, totally devastating the Youth Sport Trust, an organisation Sue had devoted nearly 15 years of her life to. She honestly thought there was no way out and that that would be the end of everything she had worked so hard to achieve.

For two months she describes herself as being totally numb and flat, as if someone had taken all her energy away. At this stage she was forced to take a phone call from a 16 year old girl who had attended a “Step into Sport” camp organised by the Youth Sport Trust. This girl felt as strongly as Sue about the injustice of the situation and organised a walk to deliver a petition to Downing Street.

Sue stood in amongst these school children and remembered why she did what she did – moral purpose. “If you want to be resilient at times of difficulty you have to have a strong sense of moral purpose”. If you really care about what you do, that will see you through your times of trouble.


Baroness Sue Campbell is part of the Wavelength Speakers Bureau. To view her full biography, find links to video’s and to book Sue to speak at your own event go to Wavelength Speakers Bureau Baroness Sue Campbell.

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