Sir Martin Narey

Former Director General of the Prison Service, Former CEO Barnardo's

Sir Martin Narey

Sir Martin Narey

Martin, a seasoned leader, shares his experiences and strategies for improving organisation performance, particularly in challenging environments like prisons. Martin's insights on leadership, focusing on values and strategy are invaluable he has led in some of the toughest, most exposed environments and speaks with profound honesty and authenticity about the challenges of trying to stay true to your personal values when the culture you lead is doing everything it can to undermine and destroy them.


Leadership in Uncertainty

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As Director General of the prison service in England and Wales he had the most thankless and difficult of all public sector leadership roles. A hostile and change-resistant prison warders union on one side, the hang ‘em and flog ‘em Daily Mail on the other, and responsible to short-term Westminster politics, Martin used his time in prisons to bring decency and fairness to a system lacking both.

In 2005, he took over Barnardo’s and turned its fortunes around, transforming the country’s biggest provider of help to poor and abused kids.

Today Martin remains a high profile media figure with his role as adviser to the Government on children. He is also the Chair of the Portman Group and on the Board of the Advertising Standards Authority. He has written regularly for The Times and other newspapers and is a visiting Professor at the Universities of Durham, Manchester Metropolitan and Sheffield Hallam.

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