Steven Kainth

Founder of Elluminate Me, AI & frontier tech expert

Steven Kainth

Steven Kainth

Steven is the visionary founder of Elluminate Me, a groundbreaking research and foresight agency at the forefront of the generative AI revolution. With a passion for exploring the transformative power of digital innovation, Steven has dedicated his career to unravelling the profound impact it has on our lives.


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Steven Kainth has spent the past 22 years working on retail and digital brand marketing strategy for some of the world’s biggest consumer brands. Since 2018, he has focused his work on helping companies like Fitbit, Essilor Luxottica (Ray-Ban), Meta, HP, Swatch Group and Amazon with marketing and innovation strategy. Today, Steven regularly presents and hosts
workshops at leading brands, universities, architectural practices and design agencies.

Steven has a deep understanding of how digital technologies are being used to engage consumers and advance humanity. It’s the insight gained working with brands like Meta, PlayStation and Microsoft that has resulted in the creation of Lunaria his online city that aims to reduce real world carbon emissions.

A true thought leader in the field, Steven regularly takes the stage at prestigious events to discuss the evolution of digital medicines and therapeutics. He sheds light on how the fusion of apps, smartphones, and wearable technologies is accelerating the journey towards preventive healthcare, changing the very essence of our well-being. Notably, Steven’s esteemed clientele includes some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, a testament to his profound impact in shaping the future of healthcare.

In a move that epitomises his commitment to innovation, Steven and his team are currently immersed in a ground-breaking project—Lunaria. This online city is set to revolutionise the way we discover products and services. At its heart lies a ground-breaking digital clinic, a testament to Steven’s pioneering spirit. Here, users will embark on a journey of self-administered media-based medicines, taking personalised healthcare to a whole new level.

He continues to explore the uncharted territories of digital innovation, making a lasting impact on how we view our future. His work is more than just a glimpse into tomorrow; it’s a visionary perspective that’s transforming the world of healthcare and beyond.

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