Terry Rubenstein

Founder, Resilimy

Terry Rubenstein

Terry Rubenstein

Mother, grandmother, author, podcaster, thought leader, educator and charity founder, Terry is a unique pioneer in the field of mental wellbeing and resilience with a remarkable backstory. Over the course of fifteen years, Terry developed the iheart Resilience Framework, which has impacted countless people across multiple demographics, sectors and platforms.


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From early childhood, Terry believed she was lacking and ill-equipped; it seemed to her that the world held all the power, and she had very little. Anxiety, despair and depression became her constant companions, while eating disorders, obsessive overthinking, self-harm and eventually a suicide attempt were how she tried to numb these feelings. Then, at the age of 29, already a young mother of five, Terry experienced a profound insight about her own innate psychological health. Consequently, the scales tipped. As Terry understood the power was within her, the world no longer seemed as if it had the power. Realising that same power was within all people led her to undertaking extensive research about the nature of the human psyche and the formation of a global non-profit organisation, educating countless people about their built-in resilience.

Terry shares a proven framework of how individuals, organisations and their leaders can uncover their inner resilience whilst challenging the common mental health narrative.

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