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The Great Vaccine Race: How China got ahead

By Erik Wernbegr-Tougaard for China Experience

China may become the first country to develop a vaccine for the global corona pandemic. It has predicted that it will have a vaccine ready around November or December and now has at least three big companies that are at the front of the global vaccine race.

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A Step Ahead - How China is Accelerating 5G Dominance

By Erik Wernberg-Tougaard for China Experience

5G is on its way. According to most experts, the technology will completely change the everyday life of both businesses and consumers. It is believed that whoever wins the global 5G race will lead the world in the decades to come. With China's 5G ambitions and large scale investments in digital infrastructure, it is difficult to imaging another country then China as the winner of the global race for 5G.

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How Big Tech Helped Battle COVID in China

By Line Heidenheim Juul for China Experience

Chatbot calls, image recognition speeding up diagnosis and hospitals in 10 days are a few of the things deployed in China. The demand for telemedicine and digital solutions has been increasing steadily over the past years, but the coronavirus crisis has pushed open the doors for some of the major players in China to deploy solutions. Some have gone abroad and others have helped increase the speed of developing digitalisation of treatment.

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Culture and Future Workforce

The way we work has changed irrevocably. Running a business in a virtual or hybrid world poses many questions:

  • How do you build a strong, diverse, and inclusive organisational culture?

  • How do you lead?

  • What is the purpose of the office now?

  • What is the shift needed now to recruit and retain the best talent?

We will hear from organisations at the forefront of new ways of working including: an organisation with 1.5k people in 55 countries that has no offices; and another with 15k front-line staff operating in self-managed teams supported by a back office team of just 50.

Innovation & Agility

The pandemic has reinforced the need for every business to be more agile, innovative, and externally aware. Participants will be provided with access to the world’s most innovative companies from Silicon Valley, China, Europe, and beyond to gain invaluable insights on innovation.

  • What are the new business models, technologies and consumer trends that every executive should be aware of?

  • How do you create and sustain an agile organisation?

  • What does it take to reinvent and reimagine incumbent businesses at speed?

  • What models of innovation are going to be needed to stay ahead?

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"The Wavelength guys don't offer up glib or easy answers. It is a grown up programme for grown up people."

Michael Andrews, Director, Waitrose

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