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David Gram

Former Head of Venturing Europe, LEGO Ventures, Co-founder of Diplomatic Rebels

Through his experience, David has obtained several unique insights and developed approaches to how businesses can stay afloat in an ever-changing world and transform the organisation into a change-leading innovator. He believes that anybody can become an innovator in their own organisation or as he calls it a “Diplomatic Rebel”.


Speaker Themes

Innovation and Disruption

Building Agility

“Insightful and provocative – David has given our organisation a lot to consider”

Finbar Sheehan, Senior Research Funding Manager, Cancer Research

"Fantastic presentation by David and the interactive building experience worked very well. It is a great idea to have guest speakers coming along to highlight best practices and mindsets adopted in other firms that we can consider in our roles."

"I found the guest speaker [David] to be the highlight of the conference. Some of the information presented was information I could use day to day with my job. Thanks!"

"By far the best of these types of session I have ever attended … the … input (David from Lego) made it very interesting but also relevant."

"Some comments after David delivered a talk to a group from a leading financial institution."

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