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Global Tours

Wavelength global study tours take business leaders to the places that the business schools don’t. They offer unparalleled access to some of the most exciting, innovative, productive and disruptive organisations on the planet.

Our core belief is in immersive learning for leaders and that leaders learn best from other leaders. Cohorts of business executives from diverse industries, backgrounds and types of organisation choose to take time out of their day jobs to see how others are leading change, networking and making valuable connections of their own.

Wavelength study tours are some of the best in the world, covering all continents, giving you the opportunity to see first hand where change and transformation are taking place. Whether that’s USA, China, India or Europe, we provide the information and experience you need to lead change confidently back at base in your own organisation.


"The USA programme worked extremely well and gave my team and I a great opportunity to connect with many entrepreneurs, businesses and ideas. We now approach innovation differently at Tesco from both an organisational and cultural perspective."

Dave Lewis, CEO, Tesco

"The Wavelength Aravind programme was an incredible in-depth journey into one of the most incredible organisations on this planet. A no-holds barred experience with frank and open debate with astonishing honesty from everyone involved.

A life changing opportunity that makes you really think about what you and your company are doing and why. Simply don’t miss this. This is the one."

Grant McPherson, Executive Director, Manufacturing, Jaguar Land Rover

“China was a fascinating trip. The pace and passion with which the Chinese consumers and companies are embracing digital transformation has to be seen to be believed. I came away convinced that China will be at the forefront of the AI revolution.”

Arup Mukhopadhyay, Head Consumer Banking Group, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

"I don’t know if there is a better and more genuine example of what a purpose driven organisation looks like. Aravind is a beacon of light for organisations looking to align commercial success with social purpose."

Alice Webb, Director, BBC Children’s & Education

Inside Digital China

Our new immersive leadership programme is designed to show the true pioneering activity that is taking place in China. China is changing the world. The sheer speed and scale of what is happening is incredible and should be seen to be believed. This global superpower has made a successful transition from being the ‘world’s factory’ to becoming the global leader of tech innovation including deployment of AI, use of robotics, self-drive vehicles, new banking and more.

Our five-day programme gives 18 senior leaders access to the board rooms and shop floors of some of China’s powerhouse organisations and networks. There will be meetings with leading companies, global thought leaders, top VCs and some of the most remarkable start-ups. We will hear first hand from those who have successfully used innovation to drive change, helping to shape and re-define the country’s future.

Wavelength China: The Future of Business. We invite applications from just 18 senior corporate executives from Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa and Australasia.

Undoubtedly the most enlightening six days I have ever spent, learning radical ideas, observing great practice, and meeting brilliant people.

Suvo Sarkar, General Manager, Retail Banking & Wealth Management, Emirates NBD

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