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Inside Aravind 2020

Aravind is the poster-child for the purpose-led organisation and since it’s inception in 1976 it has been living its purpose ‘to eradicate needless blindness’ through everything it does. The result is one of the world’s most admired, successful, and socially impactful organisations.

In February, 2020 Wavelength will take a group of business leaders to one of the most extraordinary organisations in the world; the Aravind Eye Care System in Madurai, southern India.

Since 1976, Aravind Eye Care System has treated over 58.5m patients and performed 6.8m eye surgeries. It operates a social subsidy model which means that 50% of the eye operations it performs are carried out free of charge or at significantly reduced rates. Aravind operates at a level of productivity, quality and profitability that serves as a model for the rest of the world. There is much to learn.

Aravind Eye Care System was awarded the Gates Award for Global Health, the Conrad D. Hilton award for humanitarianism, and has been taught by Harvard since 1993 as an exemplary case study. In 2018 Larry Page, Google’s former CEO, spent five days in Madurai learning from them.

Inside Aravind 2020

Join us as we travel to India between 2nd - 6th February 2020 to visit one world’s most admired, successful and socially impactful organisations. We will meet the senior leadership team, visit the hospitals and out reach camps, and explore what's next for Aravind as it looks to the digital future.

What makes Aravind Eye Care System so special?

Why the big hype? Quite simply Aravind’s metrics are totally incredible:

Purpose - Aravind has absolute clarity of purpose, ‘to eradicate unnecessary blindness’- which is played out in everything they do. It is their chief motivation and in the hearts and minds of all of their employees.

Productivity - An Aravind surgeon is five times more productive than the industry norm. Therefore in just one day Aravind is able to performs 13,000 patient examinations and 1,500 surgeries. 

Profitability - Aravind’s world class productivity means consistent margins are achieved of 39% EBITDA.

Quality - Aravind’s quality levels exceed that of any other eye care providers globally. In 2017-18 they performed 60% of the volume of surgeries performed by the NHS, at one hundredth of the cost, with less than half the rate of complications.

Social Innovation - An innovative cross subsidy business model means affluent patients pay full market rate cross subsidising the provision of eye care to the rural poor which is delivered either free of charge or at greatly subsidised rates.

Join Us

In 2020, you should join us if you are interested in: 

  • Seeing first-hand the power of a compelling purpose 
  • Excellence in every conceivable metric of private sector business 
  • Excellence in social impact at a scale any charity or social enterprise would aspire to 
  • Seeing an organisation started by a man who was 58 to gain inspiration for your next play 

Whatever your motivation, Aravind has something very special to offer. It’s perhaps not over stating it to say once you’ve seen Aravind you will never view any existing business, charity or social enterprise in the same way.

“The Wavelength Aravind programme was an incredible in-depth journey into one of the most incredible organisations on this planet. A no-holds barred experience with frank and open debate with astonishing honesty from everyone involved.

A life changing opportunity that makes you really think about what you and your company are doing and why. Simply don’t miss this. This is the one.”

Grant McPherson, Executive Director, Manufacturing, Jaguar Land Rover

“The best organisation I have ever visited. It is already having a profound effect on how we scale our impact and transform young people’s lives.”

Nick Stace, former CEO, The Prince’s Trust

“I don’t know if there is a better and more genuine example of what a purpose driven organisation looks like. Aravind is a beacon of light for organisations looking to align commercial success with social purpose."

Alice Webb, Director, BBC Children’s & Education

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