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Inside Digital China - The Future of Business

19th & 20th November, 2020

A virtual immersion inside the world's largest and most sophisticated digital economy.

Why Inside Digital China?

China is the largest digital economy in the world with more than 900 million internet users. User demand is constantly driving innovation and new digital business models to the next level. No matter if you find it fascinating or scary, you need understand the dynamics of the new digital world order.

Over two days we will explore topics including:

  • Future Retail
  • Online/Offline integration
  • Fintech
  • Digital Health
Learn how to thrive in a digital, post pandemic world from Chinese frontrunners who are world leaders in many of the new technologies currently shaping our future, including the practical use of AI, Sustainability technologies, and 5G infrastructure.

Two days of inspiration and insights

This exclusive event is organised by Wavelength and China Experience to provide 100 senior business leaders with the opportunity to engage with some of China’s most admired and advanced organisations, and hidden gems. Together we have over 25 years of experience of providing global leaders with world-class inspiration, education, and provocation.

Leading China experts, analysts, and facilitators will help you digest the key lessons.

Organised in partnership with:

Our Speakers include:

Tom Xiong

What’s Next and Next Next!

A Swedish-Chinese serial entrepreneur and a celebrity in the world of digital broadcasting, Tom is host of Digitally China, the world’s largest English language podcasts about the Chinese technology sector. Tom has more than a decade of experience of start-ups and global digital transformation.

Christine Boutrup

Leading China Analyst and Thought-Leader

As a journalist, TV and radio host Christina has travelled extensively throughout China for over a decade. She is a journalist, TV host and best-selling author of The Great Tech Revolution: How China is shaping our Future.

Professor David Gosset

China: the Geo-Political Context

Professor Gosset is a global-affairs and international relations expert who has written extensively on China’s transformation and its global impact. His analyses have been published by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

David Wei
The future of the consumer

David is one of China’s leading VCs. He will distil the latest trends in Chinese business, where the smart money is going and the future of the Chinese consumer. David is a former CEO of and ranked as one of China’s best CEOs by Financial Asia Magazine.

Martin Shen, President, Tencent Trusted Doctors

Tencent Trusted Doctors runs 33 general clinics, seven in-house corporate clinics, one specialist clinic and six ambulatory surgery centres in cities including Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu, capital of Sichuan province. By the end of February 2019, more than 10 million patients had received treatment from private practitioners through its online and offline platforms and 6,000 operations had been performed in its ambulatory surgery centres.

Dr. Wanli Min
The power of Artificial Intelligence

“One of the World’s top AI Leaders” Forbes (2017) Dr. Min is Former Chief Machine Intelligence Scientist at Alibaba, a member of the National Strategic Advisory Committee on Next Generation of AI and Founder and CEO of North Summit Capital.

A little pre-event reading...

Here are some articles to whet your appetite.

A Step Ahead – How China Is Accelerating 5G Dominance
By Erik Wernberg-Tougaard for China Experience

5G is on its way. According to most experts, the technology will completely change the everyday life of both businesses and consumers. It is believed that whoever wins the global 5G race will lead the world in the decades to come. With China's 5G ambitions and large scale investments in digital infrastructure, it is difficult to imaging another country then China as the winner of the global race for 5G.

Tencent Trusted Doctors Becomes Unicorn Completing a New USD 250 Million Financing
By Yusuf I. Tuna for EqualOcean

Tencent Trusted Doctors announced that it has completed a new round of financing of USD 250 million. Tencent Trusted Doctors stands as the “China's basic medical service provider" and determined to kill all the inefficiencies.

China to launch world’s first official digital currency
By Erik Wernberg-Tougaard for China Experience

China is far ahead when it comes to digital payments. The Chinese Yuan has to a large extent been replaced by the use of mobile payment services such as Alibaba's Alipay or Tencent's WeChat Pay. Now, the Chinese government is taking the next big step in the direction of a fully digitised society, with the introduction of an official digital currency.

QR Health Codes – Getting China back to business
By Line Heidenheim Juul for China Experience

Hit hard by COVID-19, China had to find solutions to the quarantine ease in early February. Alibaba, Tencent and mobile carriers were fast to come up with tracking solution. In collaboration with local governments and other third parties, they launched a program inside already existing payment apps: the so-called “health QR codes”. These are colour graded and decide individual’s mobility.

The Details

Dates: 19th & 20th November 2020

Times: 08.30 – 14.30 (GMT)


1 person: £450 +vat
2-4 people: £395 +vat
5+ people: £350 +vat

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