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Wavelength Connect 2020: Inside the Brand 2

The LEGO Story

For this second Inside the Brand, we will be joined by David Gram, former Head of Venturing Europe, LEGO Ventures, Co-founder of Diplomatic Rebels. 

In 2003, LEGO was on the verge of bankruptcy. Faced with growing competition from video games and the internet, and plagued by an internal fear that LEGO was perceived as old-fashioned, the company had been making a series of huge errors which brought it to the edge. Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, former CEO, was responsible for the brand rediscovering its purpose and innovating its way to highly profitable world dominance.

Amazing creativity has been applied to everything from managing vendors, designing new products, and engaging with customers. Their Innovation Team’s mission is to “invent the future of play” and it has created and launched some of the most successful new products in LEGO’s recent history.

David will share the transformation journey of LEGO and how innovation played a major role in that. He will share the learnings from the crisis and how they can be translated into today’s current crisis. He will also discuss how organisations need to adapt to a more agile way of working to ensure innovation still happens remotely with more disparate teams.

Catch Up

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