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Wavelength Connect 2020: Inside the Brand 4

Inside Pret A Manger

For this final Inside the Brand, we will be joined by Pano Christou, CEO, and Andrea Wareham Chief People Officer. 

Pret was opened in London in 1986 by college buddies Julian Metcalfe and Sinclair Beecham. It has since grown steadily to over 400 shops worldwide, turning over around £600 million a year. Julian and Sinclair retain a significant share of the company – the majority stake was acquired by European equity firm Bridgepoint in 2008.

Pret prides itself not only on the high quality of its food and beverage but the friendliness and energy of its staff – the ‘Pret Buzz’. Under the banner 'Good Jobs for Good People' the business invests heavily in recruiting the right people and supporting them on the job. Their Ideas Department drives innovation to make Pret “a better, kinder, easier place to work and shop”.

Pret also has high aspirations for its sustainability agenda of reducing waste, sourcing ethically and making a positive impact in society.

Pano and Andrea will talk about their strong culture and how as an established incumbent, but much admired brand they are reinventing their business given the new reality of retail with COVID-19 with a focus on digital.

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