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Video: Alan Jope CEO of Unilever on global trends

Nov 13th 2021

Enjoy this video extract from Alan Jope CEO of Unilever on global trends, from Wavelength Inspire October 2021

In Wavelength Inspire’s October session with Alan shared his perspectives on the global trends that will have an affect on business. Watch this 4 min video to see what he had to say. Early in Alan’s career he was influenced by a few rules; one of which was: “Distrust anyone who claims to be able to predict the future.” This made him think that rather than claiming to know what would happen in such unpredictable times, he could look for the big trends that seemed to be defining events around the world. Under his guidance, Unilever bet on these big trends, in the way they do business, the ways they invest and the ways they think about the market of the future.

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