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World-class executive education and leadership development programmes

We opened our doors for business back in 2008, with an event which brought together the best of the world’s leaders from cross-sector organisations: Wavelength100.

Now, we are one of the world’s leading providers of immersive leadership programmes.​ Our participants come from different sectors and industries to learn together and from each other.

Every year in June, Wavelength USA takes 20 corporate executives inside the likes of Airbnb, Microsoft, Four Seasons, Google and Silicon Valley’s hottest start up’s and for curated introductions to the leading VC”s, top executives and thought leaders.

Wavelength Inspire is our digital only programme designed to enable clients to bring the outside world in at scale and provides live, monthly facilitated access to some of the world’s most admired organisations and accomplished leaders – Apple, Southwest Airlines, President of Four Season and CEO’s of IKEA & Unilever have all spoken.

Wavelength Connect brings together 60 leaders from a broad array of sectors for a nine-month curriculum focused on The Future of Business underpinned by three pillars – Inspiration, Connection and Application.

Wavelength’s Power of Purpose Programme provides leaders with the opportunity to travel to India, to go inside The Aravind Eye Care System in Madurai, India – and to find and explore their own personal purpose and embed it into their leadership.

Inside Alder Hey provides a bespoke opportunity for small teams of leaders to visit to one of the UK’s most inspiring, innovative organisations, Liverpool’s awe inspiring Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. Participants will learn about excellence in innovation, customer (patient) centricity, operational efficiency and social inclusion.

We are a for-profit, but not profit-maximisation, organisation and through our cross-subsidy model we enable leaders from charities, social and public sectors to participate in our programmes.

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Connect brings together 50 leaders from a broad array of sectors for a nine-month curriculum, focused on The Future of Business. You will enjoy access to the world’s most admired, successful and innovative companies, learn with and from other leaders.

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Inspire is our unique, global, digital leadership programme, designed to bring the outside in for leaders in your organisation, at scale. Join 1000+ leaders for live, monthly access to the world’s most successful organisations and accomplished leaders.

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If you would like more information on any of Wavelength’s programmes, tours or speakers, please contact Jessica Stack, Wavelength Co-founder, jessica@wavelengthleadership.com.