Wavelength Connect focuses on The Future of Business. We bring together leaders from sectors that would not normally interact and provide access to the world’s most admired, successful and innovative companies.

Wavelength Connect
is our immersive executive education programme, focused on The Future of Business

Based on our core belief that leaders learn best from leaders, over nine months Wavelength Connect equips each cohort of 50 peers from different sectors and industries, with the insights, connections and energy to tackle the challenges and opportunities facing the world today.

Business models have been upended, the purpose of the office re-invented, the environmental crisis, geo-political instability, black lives matter, and the continued rise of China are all challenging the status quo. We are now a digitally native world, connected virtually, but increasingly disconnected on many other levels.

Never has it been tougher to be a leader and the need for a new type of leadership has never been more clear.
Nor has the need for a different kind of leadership programme.

Wavelength Connect is that programme.

How Does Connect Work?

We bring together leaders from worlds that would not normally interact and provide access to the world’s most admired, successful, innovative companies and leaders.

Together we explore the opportunities and challenges in the business landscape today, and turning those insights and lessons into tangible actions and new networks to ensure your leaders and business thrive now and into the future.

Wavelength Connect is underpinned by three pillars:


From Alibaba and Apple to Unilever and W.L. Gore, unparalleled global access to some of the world’s most progressive organisations.


50 peers from different industries and sectors learning together and from one another.


Access to a dedicated executive coach shortens the timeline from inspiration to application.

Wavelength Connect 2023

Wavelength Connect is a unique executive education and leadership development programme, focused on the theme of The Future of Business.

Across nine months, we provide participants with the inspiration, education, provocation and knowledge to find solutions to core leadership and organisational challenges and to own and action them.

Leaders we've inspired on Wavelength Connect

What's the Focus of Connect?

The principal theme of Connect is The Future of Business. We will explore this topic in depth from four core angles:

Global Perspectives on Innovation & Agility

The pandemic has reinforced the need for every business and every leader to be more agile, innovative, and externally aware. Participants will be provided with access to the world’s most innovative companies from Silicon Valley, China, and Israel to gain invaluable insights on innovation.

  • What are the new business models, technologies and consumer trends that every executive should be aware of?
  • How do you create and sustain an agile organisation?
  • What does it take to reinvent and reimagine incumbent businesses at speed?

Culture and Future Workforce​

The way we work has changed irrevocably raising questions about how to lead a hybrid or virtual organisation.

We will explore how traditional ED&I and Resilience has been challenged by Black Lives Matter, gender diversity, and mental health issues.

  • How do you build a strong, diverse, and inclusive organisational culture?
  • How do you lead?
  • What is the purpose of the office now?
  • Where should you be looking to recruit the best talent?

The Responsible Organisation

Climate change is the biggest challenge facing humanity right now. We will explore how the world’s leading organisations are putting sustainability and social and environmental responsibility at the heart of their businesses.

  • What is the role of business in tackling climate change and rising inequality?
  • What does the advent of consumer activism mean?
  • What other societal challenges should business leaders consider?

Personal Leadership

We believe transformation starts with the individual so at the heart of and running throughout the programme we will hear personal leadership stories from some of the world’s most accomplished and inspirational leaders.

  • How do you remain resilient and resourceful during times of unprecedented change?
  • How do you lead a virtual or hybrid organisation?
  • How do you develop a powerful, relevant personal boardroom network of mentors, provocateurs, and allies?
  • What does it take to lead with and for purpose?

Who is Wavelength Connect for?

Wavelength Connect is designed for your best – your change agents, chief enthusiasts, connectors, and doers. Each year 50 leaders from leading FTSE 100 companies, social enterprises, charities and public sector agencies participate in Wavelength Connect. Entire executive teams, groups of leaders drawn from top talent pools and select individuals from the C-Suite have all previously participated. Whilst individuals can participate, Connect works optimally when organisations send a small and carefully selected cohort of this profile.

Time Commitment

Over the course of nine months each individual participant will attend:

 10 days
of in-person events, and immersive visits;

1.5 days
of virtual global innovation modules;

7 hours
of Executive Coaching and Peer Working Groups
(delivered in bite-sized 60-90 minute sessions).

What’s the Curriculum?

Participants will engage with a rich, diverse curriculum which include the following core components:

In-Person Events

Dynamic and engaging, in person, 2-day events for the whole cohort, featuring highly accomplished leaders from diverse worlds speaking on our core themes of:

  • Global Perspectives on Innovation & Agility
  • Innovation
  • Culture & Future Workforce
  • Personal Leadership

Recent speakers include senior leaders from Airbnb, Guardian Media Group, Unilever, The Football Association, IKEA, Timpsons, and Page Group.

Immersive Behind the Brand Visits

Wavelength opens the doors to the boardrooms and shop floors of a dynamic mix of iconic brands and hidden gems for participants to experience first-hand how they create and sustain brilliant customer service, recruit and retain great talent, innovate and excel in an online omni-channel world.

Our hosts have included: Apple, LEGO, Liverpool Football Club, IKEA, Four Seasons, Pret A Manger, BBC, Guardian Media Group, Abcam, and Eden Project.

3-Day Rural Retreat

Held at stunning eco-conference centre with spacious internal rooms, an outdoor amphitheatre, lake, and hundreds of acres of farmland for walkie-talkies.

The retreat will be designed to drive deep connectivity amongst the cohort and provide opportunity for them to meet their coaches.

The three days will be punctuated with regular injections of inspiration from highly accomplished business leaders on topics such as:

  • Personal Purpose
  • Resilience and Resourcefulness
  • Equality Diversity and Inclusion

Recent speakers include senior leaders from Unilever, Netflix, BBC, W.L. Gore & Associates, Women of the World Festival, Samaritans, and Aravind Eye Care System.

Up Close & Virtual Global Modules

Up Close & Virtual sessions live from China, Silicon Valley, India and Israel focusing on:

  • Global Perspectives on Innovation & Agility

Recent speakers include senior leaders from Alibaba, Netflix, Apple, Amazon, Salesforce, Team8,, Google, and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and commentators.

Coaching to Action Sessions

Delivered in partnership with the Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC), individual sessions with an executive coach help each participant to translate the insights and learnings into concrete actions for their organisations.

Each participant has four 90 minute sessions across the duration of the programme.

Peer Working Groups

Small working groups bringing together participants from different organisations and sectors designed to foster connectivity, draw out key insights, and land key learnings.

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