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Wavelength research highlights ‘maintaining company culture’ as greatest leadership challenge for 22

Mar 22nd 2022

Findings from Wavelength’s recent survey show “Maintaining company culture” is considered as the greatest leadership challenge for 2022.

The global pandemic has brought about huge change for businesses, pushing many organisations towards a remote workforce. With this shift towards hybrid working, many business leaders are looking at strategies to maintain, protect and develop their company culture.

Findings from Wavelength’s recent survey, which looked to understand what leaders believe to be the biggest challenge in 2022, supported this view. “Maintaining company culture” received 52% of the votes, showing that this is considered as the greatest leadership challenge for 2022. Other themes included digital transformation with 23% of the votes, sustainable business practices with 18% of the votes, and diversity and inclusion with 6% of the votes. Wavelength SpeakersHub can provide compelling speakers around all of these themes.

Correspondingly, Wavelength SpeakersHub are seeing significant interest in speaker engagements on the theme of organisational culture. Our first-class practitioners have an impressive breadth of knowledge and experience in this area, bringing external stimulus and practical experience, to help shape thinking and enable progressive discussions within leadership teams.

Speakers on Culture

Steve Cadigan, former Chief People Officer at LinkedIn, as well as board member and world-renowned thought leader, has been at the forefront of global talent strategy and company culture for the past 30 years. Most famous for scaling LinkedIn from 400 to 4000 in 3.5 years, Steve also led the development of LinkedIn’s legendary company culture. Steve is available for bookings.

Speakers on Digital Transformation

Terri Kelly, former CEO of W.L Gore & Associates, the legendary innovator behind Gore-Tex, talks on digital transformation. A seasoned and inspirational leader, Terri led W.L Gore through a huge transformation journey that completely revolutionised the way it innovated, (leading to the development of a Silicon Valley based innovation centre and its first ever partnership with start-ups), and transformed it into a data-led, agile organisation. Terri is available for bookings.

David Pemsel is former CEO at The Guardian Media Group and now Global CEO at ScienceMagic.Inc.  As CEO of Guardian Media Group, David was responsible for the remarkable digital transformation of the business by adopting agile working methodologies and putting data driven, customer centric practices at its heart. This resulted in The Guardian going from a forecast loss of $100m in 2015 to its first operating profit for 25 years in 2019.

Speakers on Sustainability

Tessa Clarke is one of the UK’s most accomplished sustainability practitioners.

She is Co-Founder of the multi award-winning OLIO, who are embracing leading-edge technology to exponentially reduce food waste in partnership with leading retailers such as Tesco and Pret.

Hilary Berg is a social change campaigner and former Head of Sustainability and CSR, Iceland Foods Ltd. A social change campaigner and communications strategist who is who leads on Sustainability and CSR for Iceland Foods, she has twice been named ‘UK outstanding independent practitioner’ by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and her work has won multiple industry awards.

Speakers on Diversity & Inclusion

Tokunbo Ajasa Oluwa is CEO of Career Ready.

Tokunbo is a seasoned social entrepreneur and senior leader with a track record of successfully devising and executing innovative social impact concepts, particularly within the media, digital and youth development sectors.

He is a Fellow of the School for Social Entrepreneurs and was a Cabinet Office appointed Social Enterprise Ambassador for three years.

Catherine Garrod is Founder of Compelling Culture and former Head of Inclusion at Sky.

A leading expert in culture change, Catherine will demonstrate how you can combine the power of employee engagement, communications, diversity and inclusion.

During her time as Head of Inclusion at Sky she led the organisation to be the most inclusive employer with 80% of teams increasing diversity both on and off screen.

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