Inside Alder Hey

Join Wavelength as we visit the Alder Hey Innovation Centre.

A bespoke opportunity to visit Europe’s largest, most innovative, admired and patient-centric children’s hospital.

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Wavelength’s Inside Alder Hey Programme provides a bespoke opportunity for small teams of leaders to visit Europe’s largest, most innovative, admired and patient-centric hospital – Liverpool’s Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.

As the most comprehensive children’s hospital in Europe, they handle everything from common ailments to the most complex and specialised conditions, and provide care for over 330,000 children, young people, and their families each year.

Our unique programme provides leaders with the chance to press the pause button, step outside of their organisation, or even industry, to gain an invaluable injection of inspiration and insights, and to capture and distil the key learnings and actions.

Inside Alder Hey

Visit the one of the UK’s most inspiring organisations, Liverpool’s Alder Hey Children’s Hospital to learn about excellence in innovation, customer (patient) centricity, operations and social inclusion.

About Alder Hey

For over a century, Alder Hey has been a beacon of pioneering paediatric care. Every year, staff provide care for over 330,000 children, young people, and their families.

As one of the busiest and most comprehensive children’s hospitals in Europe, they handle everything from common ailments to the most complex and specialised conditions.

Alder Hey are driven by the conviction to think differently and operate a dedicated 35-person innovation centre – the largest in the UK.

The patient is the epicentre of everything they do – and such is their focus on operational excellence that their waiting lists are typically less than five patients! They are also at the forefront of helping to mitigate social inequality and democratising healthcare.

Wavelength, in partnership with Alder Hey, are proud to offer the opportunity for teams of leaders from your organisation to visit this truly inspiring place.

Who is Inside Alder Hey for?

Inside Alder Hey is ideal for teams of between 12-20 leaders keen to gain some new insights, inspiration, and perspectives on: innovation, operational excellence, customer focus and social inclusion.

The teams could comprise of:

  • Intact team looking for inspiration on one or more of the core themes
  • Leaders from talent pools looking for a unique leadership development experience
  • Professionals from the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors seeking to gain some new ideas and inspiration from an organisation operating in a related sector
  • Leaders looking at sustainability or social value strategies

What are the programme elements?

During the course of this highly immersive, in-person visit, participants will learn about excellence in innovation, customer (patient) centricity, operational efficiency, high-pressure decision making and social inclusion.

Despite operating in a highly-regulated, publicly-scrutinised, cost-constrained environment, Alder Hey operates a dedicated 35 person innovation unit dedicated to operational efficiency and the exploration of pioneering procedures to save children’s lives.

The patient is also at the epicentre of everything they do, and such is their focus on operational excellence, using an AI algorithm to predict patients who might not show up, they reduced ‘missed appointments’ by 80%!

They are also at the forefront of helping to mitigate social inequality and democratising healthcare.

Inside Alder Hey is open to groups of minimum 12 and maximum 20 leaders, will take place on a date of your choosing and comprise two core elements:

1. Highly experiential visit: Between 4-5 hours in duration including: presentations, tours, breaks and discussions.

2. Action Planning Workshop: Immediate post visit opportunity for the team to stay on within the Innovation Hub to debrief and discuss the key learnings and action plan.