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Wavelength Inspire brings the outside in for leaders. Find out more about the lessons learnt, how it works and the key themes.

Wavelength Inspire - Content and Themes

Since 2021, Wavelength Inspire has provided thousands of leaders throughout the world with curated access to the world’s most iconic organisations and highly accomplished leaders.

CEOs and Exec Level leaders from Apple, IKEA, Alibaba, Southwest Airlines, Unilever, Four Seasons, LEGO, Netflix and former Prime Ministers have all shared their perspectives on the defining elements of success.

Watch the detailed video below to get a true sense of how Inspire works and hear key insights from these amazing leaders and organisations on the most pertinent themes:

  • Frontier technologies: AI, VR, AR, Blockchain
  • Global perspectives on innovation of disruption
  • The critical importance of recruitment
  • Sustainability
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Service excellence
  • The power of purpose

Wavelength Inspire brochure

Download the brochure to find out more about the Wavelength Inspire leadership development programme. Details include what Wavelength Inspire is, how it works, information about upcoming session themes, full speaker profiles, pricing and more.

Leaders we’ve inspired

When asked whether the leaders they had heard from on Inspire had helped them become a more informed, better leader – 91% said yes it had!

Source: Wavelength Inspire survey of 1k leaders, June 2023.