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Wavelength SpeakersHub supports Jardines LearnFest 21

Jun 17th 2021

Find out more about how Wavelength SpeakersHub supported Jardines LearnFest 21.

In June 2021 Jardines ran their first ever Global Learning Week: LearnFest 2021. The objectives of the event were to drive adoption of their new online learning platform, reinforce their messages around the evolution of their strategy (announced in March) focussing on customer centricity, entrepreneurial mindset and sustainability and lastly to up-skill and create lifelong learning for colleagues. The week was a mixture of ‘online’ events and key notes (internal and external speakers) and offline activities.

Peter Attfield, Chief Talent and Learning Officer at Jardines approached Wavelength’s SpeakersHub to provide stimulating and relevant content for the week-long event.

Working closely with Peter Attfield over the course of a number of briefing calls, Wavelength identified 5 key themes on which we could provide world-class content on from an array of highly experienced leaders and practitioners.

Each speaker delivered impactful and engaging talks either via the live stream platform or by pre-recording their sessions in a state-of-the-art recording studio, edited by our in-house production team.

What Makes a Great Service Organisation?

With Adrian Simpson, Chief Connecter and Co-Founder of Wavelength.

Adrian has spent his career getting inside some of the worlds most admired and the customer centric organisations.

A storyteller at heart in this highly interactive 60-minute session Adrian will distilling their key characteristics.

The session covered:

  • The importance of a clear and Compelling Purpose

  • How to lead in a customer centric culture

  • The importance of Relentless Alignment

  • How to create Brilliant Basics Magic Moments – that delight customers

  • Why Customer Obsession is so important

  • The importance of Relentless Communication – to bring customers to life

  • Bold Stance on Innovation – tech is profoundly changing customer expectations!

Key takeaways were:

  • Practical, tangible learnings that can implemented straight away

  • Deep insights and learnings from the world’s best on which to re-create your service strategy

Everyone is an entrepreneur of their own life – practices for change and daily improvement

Alan Webber, Mayor of Santa Fe

In this talk, Alan gave a deep and personal insight into what it really takes to reimagine and reinvent yourself. Moving from HBR to Fast Company, political speech writing to city mayor, Alan took the audience through his experience of learning and unlearning, getting rid of fear, redefining purpose and the Rules of Thumb to follow as an entrepreneur of your own life. A provocative and practical guide to personal change

Key takeaways were:

  • Practical tips and rules for learning and unlearning

  • Inspiration for job, career and life changes.

  • Insight and ideas on the realities of leading change in your work and across your teams

How to be Remotely Brilliant – Turbo boost your virtual interactions!

Matt Spencer and Liz Evenden, The Business Speakeasy

This session provided new insights and practical tips to be more impactful around remote collaboration.

The session covered:

  • The brain science behind quality remote communication and collaboration

  • The right and wrong behaviours in a virtual setting

  • How to keep everyone focused and engaged in a remote meeting

  • Top tips for bringing your full self to the screen

Key takeaways were:

  • Humans matter: It’s not tech that makes the difference, it’s the people.

  • Slow Down to Speed Up: Spend time to get in the zone, and watch productivity soar.

  • Activate the z-axis: Move beyond the screen and make meetings 3-dimensional.

Win in the Expectation Economy: Four Key Trends for 2022 and Beyond!

David Mattin

Customer and client expectations are accelerating faster than ever. In this fast-paced session, internationally recognised trend watcher David Mattin shared four trends that will supercharge organisations in the race for customer-centricity. Each one, an opportunity: to innovate and create new products, services, and experiences that people love.

Along the way, he provided a simple, powerful framework that empowers individuals to start spotting their own trends…enabling them to become their own trend watcher, gain a deep understanding of where customers are heading next, and win in the Expectation Economy!

Key takeaways were:

  • Why looking at other industries is key when it comes to understanding where yours is heading next

  • How to decode the future by focusing on what doesn’t change

  • How a simple framework can empower you first to spot emerging behaviours and attitudes, and then to innovate for them.


Reinvention Through Deconstruction & Intrapreneurship

Paul Campbell

Entrepreneurialism and a growth mindset are key ambitions that can be achieved by understanding and applying critical concepts like Deconstruction, Intrapreneurship and Innovation Canvas. Based on Paul’s vast experience at BAT, HP, Schneider Electric, W.L. Gore and others, Paul discussed how companies, teams and individuals:

Key takeaways were:

  • Deconstruct existing ways of working to become more entrepreneurial inside large, complex companies

  • Accelerate Innovation and Entrepreneurship through a higher tolerance for experimentation, risk-taking and failure

  • Apply the Innovation Canvas to assess and repair Innovation programs that were under-performing

  • Turn Culture into an asset to seize new opportunities for investment and growth

  • Convert their Innovation question, How? to a statement, How!

Peter and his team were fantastic to work with, a great partner who were open to ideas, collaborative and supportive during the whole journey. We look forward to partnering with them again on future events.

If your business is looking to bring in external stimulus and learnings on key business areas, get in touch with Sarah Dryden at Wavelength SpeakersHub to make an enquiry.

Our speakers will bring the outside in and equip your leaders for the future of business.