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Flying cars, rapid AI implementation, $2 trillion e-commerce market: why Inside Digital China is key for C-Suite execs to stay ahead of the curve

Mar 12th 2024

Find out why Wavelength's Inside Digital China study tour is key for C-Suite execs to stay ahead of the curve.

Without any fanfare China is taking a quantum leap. The economic focus of the world has shifted to Asia. With more than 1.2 billion internet users and a $2 trillion e-commerce market, China is one of the largest, most advanced digital economies in the world.

A global leader in e-commerce, digital payments, digital healthcare, and social media platforms, in recent years, despite geopolitical challenges, Tik Tok, Shein, Xiaomi, BYD and many other Chinese brands have surpassed Western incumbents. The pace, agility, scale, and ambition of what is going on is awe-inspiring.

In November 2023, whilst others continue to focus on self-driving cars, China’s E-Hang got a license to operate fully autonomous, passenger-carrying, flying cars! Unequivocally, Chinese companies are now the frontrunners in many of the new technologies that are shaping our future, where the rapid implementation of AI is completely transforming industries and society.

If you want to stay ahead of the curve, immerse yourself with Wavelength’s Inside Digital China global study tour, and explore the world’s most innovative, disruptive, digital economy. Between 13th-18th October Wavelength Inside Digital China will take 18 exec level leaders inside China’s most admired, innovative organisations for presentations from top executives, curated introductions, immersive experiences, and meetings with the top thought leaders.

We will visit:

TikTok – The disruptive social media platform with 1billion users

JD Health – A dominant player in China’s digital healthcare sector

Xiaomi – Global leader in IoT home appliances

Ping An – Global leader in banking, insurance, and health services

TenCent – Their WeChat platform dominates China’s tech landscape

EHang – Operator of fully autonomous, passenger carrying, flying cars

BGI – The world’s leading gene sequency company revolutionising healthcare

BYD & Nio – Two of the world’s most pioneering electric vehicles (EVs) brands

Pinduoduo – Their Temu app is the most downloaded shopping app in the US

We will meet:

Leading practitioners and thought leaders in AI, finance, healthcare, future retail, payments, green mobility and world-leading China analysts and geopolitical commentators who will inspire, educate, and provoke discussions on the hottest topics, latest technologies, and trends.

We will experience:

Meeting digital humans, flying in fully autonomous, passenger-carrying cars (optional!), and riding in driverless Robotaxis.

Participants will be a richly diverse group of senior corporate executives from Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa and Australasia.

Wavelength Inside Digital China is for executive level leaders with specific interest in innovation, disruption, the impact of frontier technologies on business and the Chinese market such as CEO’s, CIO’s, COO’s, CFO’, MD’s and EVPs.


How do we enable you to extract the value​ from our executive study tour in China?

At Wavelength, we don’t do purposeless inspiration. We focus on leading our participants to action and helping them create change through meaningful, experiential, immersive visits.

Before you go, we’ll understand what you’re interested in, why you’re coming and give you guidance on how best to prepare for and get the best out of the China experience.

When we’re there, we’ll provide extensive pre-briefings and post-visit downloads for you to reflect upon and learn from, ensuring you derive maximum value.

We also produce a report, prepare blogs and give you a structured framework to share the learning with your colleagues and key stakeholders, ensuring you can drive home change.

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from our clients who have previously joined our Inside Digital China tour:

“A superbly organised, content-rich week amongst senior peers, which both challenged and informed my views on technology-led transformation.” Haslam Preeston C-Suite Leader and Board Member, People & Culture and Digital Transformation, Jardine Matheson

“More lessons on innovation and the importance of an innovative culture in one week than I’d had in the last ten years!” Imran Nawaz, Chief Financial Officer, Tesco

“This was a fantastic opportunity to see what a developed digital economy looks like and really helped shape my own business’s future – six days that have changed my thinking!” Peter Pritchard Former Group CEO, Pets At Home

“An invaluable opportunity to broaden your horizons, learn, build new global networks and to understand and challenge established perspectives.” Torsten Flosbach, C-Suite Leader and SVP, E.ON

“A fascinating trip. The pace and passion with which the Chinese consumers and companies are embracing digital transformation has to be seen to be believed. I came away convinced that China will be at the forefront of the AI revolution!” Gary Booker Chief Marketing, Innovation and Strategy Officer, Rentokil Initial


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Give us a week of your time and experience a lifetime of learning.