Episode 15: Wavelength in conversation with Declan Ronayne

Wavelength’s Liz Moseley in conversation with Declan Ronayne, former CEO of Woodie’s, Ireland’s DIY home and garden chain.

Episode 15: Declan Ronayne, former CEO of Woodie’s, in conversation with Wavelength associate Liz Moseley - on leadership, business transformation, building employee trust, and creating a great place to work culture.

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For curious business leaders

In this podcast, Wavelength Associate Liz Moseley speaks with Declan Ronayne, former CEO at Woodie’s, Ireland’s leading DIY home and garden chain.

Transforming Woodie's

Join us as Wavelength associate Liz Mosley welcomes Declan Ronayne to the Wavelength Making Waves podcast show.

Declan shares insights into his spectacular career in retail, culminating in his role as CEO at Woodie’s, Ireland’s leading DIY home and garden chain, and the retail arm of FTSE 250 business Grafton Group.

Listen as Declan shares personal leadership insights from his career, in particular his work to totally transform Woodie’s. He speaks about how he created a culture of trust, and how they built Woodie’s to become a truly great place to work.

Think personalised birthday cards, Woodie’s Oscars, caring about your staff, doing things no other retailer does, their focus on community work, of creating team spirit, the importance of truly excellent communication, the role of a CEO to inspire their people, to listen to their people and customers, to understand what’s going on on the ground, and to make things happen. But importantly, that a CEO “should never be busy”.

“Keep out of the weeds”, “Be personal”, “your job is culture, setting the tone”, and “use your powers of persuasion rather than direction”.