Episode 16: Wavelength in conversation with Colleen McCreary

Wavelength’s Adrian Simpson in conversation with Colleen McCreary, a hugely experienced Silicon Valley-based Chief People Officer who has worked at the likes of Credit Karma, EA, Microsoft, Vevo and Zynga during her career.

Episode 16: Colleen McCreary, Silicon Valley-based CPO, in conversation with Wavelength’s Adrian Simpson

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For curious business leaders

In this podcast, Adrian speaks with Colleen McCreary on how tough it can be, being a leader, why leaders “have to have the courage to stand up to things that maybe are unpopular,” and why it’s so important to develop relationships with people outside of your organisation and sector.

Key Leadership Traits

Hear as Colleen talks about the traits that are most important as a leader; courage, empathy, curiosity, not being afraid to learn, and of her “3 Cs.”

Find out why Colleen is not the CEO of happiness, why she feels it’s so important to be externally aware as a leader, of how she recruits for senior leadership positions, of the importance of empathy as leader and how she ‘teaches’ that to leadership colleagues.