Episode 8: The Power of Purpose

Wavelength in conversation with Tim Munden, former Chief Learning Officer at Unilever.

Episode 8: The Power of Purpose

For effective leaders, teams and organisations

In this podcast we hear from Tim Munden who has over 20 years experience of developing effective leaders, teams and organisations, in a business and not for profit context. As an award-winning Chief Learning Officer at Unilever, Tim was responsible for developing the leadership capability to enable ongoing business growth and transformation, and the realisation of Unilever’s purpose, including working with the most senior leadership teams in the business.

Tim launched Unilever’s own Discover Your Purpose workshops, which over 56,000 Unilever employees have completed, deeply embedding purpose in the culture. Randomised control trials demonstrated that the workshops improve willingness to go the extra mile, work and life fulfilment, psychological safety and sense of control to prioritise competing demands.

​Tim was also responsible for the development of Unilever’s approach to leadership in the 21st Century, and for employee wellbeing, areas in which the company is widely acknowledged as being leading edge. Agreement by employees that Unilever cares about their wellbeing has risen by 2200 basic points over the last 5 years. Tim has also actively campaigned for the elimination of stigma about mental ill-health.

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