Episode 9: Leadership Insights & Stories

Adrian Simpson, Co-founder and Chief Connector at Wavelength.

Episode 9: Leadership Insights & Stories

Profoundly improving the quality of leadership education

Adrian has developed a truly unique understanding of what it takes to create a great organisation, having spent over 25 years of his career going inside the boardrooms and shop floors of the world’s most admired organisations.

In this deeply personal and insightful podcast interview, Adrian talks about his personal influences, his early career, of how he and his wife and co-founder Jessica Stack came to create Wavelength, the origins of his entrepreneurial spirit, and of the importance of surrounding yourself with great people and a strong, supportive network. Adrian talks about Wavelength’s purpose of making the world better through business, by profoundly improving the quality of leadership education.

He also shares his own personal story – the peaks and troughs of running your own business, of “doing your own thing”, of the importance of paying it forward, and of “filling the baskets to the brim of those who come alongside you.”

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