Anthony Fletcher

Former CEO, Graze and Expert in the Power of Data

Anthony Fletcher

Anthony Fletcher

Anthony Fletcher is a highly regarded expert on how to build a data-led organisation that gathered millions of data points and then democratised access to it, enabling the right people to access the right data in order to make the most informed decision. He is a Wavelength speaker, specialising in data and analytics, drawing upon his extensive knowledge as former CEO at Graze.


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Anthony Fletcher was the CEO at Graze, helping it to become the UK’s number one healthy snack brand. Before being acquired by Unilever it achieved revenue across both its direct to consumer and retail business in excess of $100m. Along the way it has also built the world’s fastest, most accurate snack weighing machine, gathered half a billion consumer snack ratings and designed a box-folding robot which can fold cardboard in 16 different ways.

Within this time Anthony was responsible for taking the business to the US, achieving a $32m run rate in the first year, launching the brand into retail, securing distribution in over 40,000 stores, as well as leading the sale of the business, first to private equity group Carlyle in 2012, and then to leading global consumer group Unilever in 2019.

The unique Graze story

Graze is a unique story of how you go from clicks to bricks by using its data and analytics to constantly innovate and develop new business models. Anthony is an expert in data and analytics and specifically on the democratisation of data and pivoting major businesses at scale.

A fantastic storyteller, Anthony brings to life the power of data and analytics in an accessible and sometimes humorous manner.

They key messages of Anthony’s talk include:

  • Examining data and how it can help you make better decisions.
  • The power of actual consumer purchase data from real customers and how it can be used for personalisation of experience.
  • How data can be used in an agile way to optimise as you go along. “iteration and agile”.
  • While AI and machine learning get a lot of press – having the facts to hand for different situations is still the clearest way that data can give a high ROI.

Listen to this fantastic podcast Anthony did with Be The Business.

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