Barbie Brewer

Former CPO Git Lab, Former VP of HR at Netflix

Barbie Brewer

Barbie Brewer

Barbie has unparalleled, practical experience on how to lead a virtual organisation. At Git Lab, they had over 1k employees operating across 55 countries and a $2bn valuation with NO offices! A very popular guest speaker on leading virtually, Barbie provides tangible top tips on every aspect from how to communicate, appraise, build teams, measure culture through to how to present.


Future of Work
Leading Virtually
Women in Leadership

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Barbie Brewer is a passionate advocate for remote working and leading virtually. She is a Silicon Valley-based Chief People Officer with unparalleled experience of what it takes to lead a fully virtual organisation.

She speaks with extensive experience on themes including the Future of Work, Leading Virtually and Women in Leadership.

Barbie’s extensive experience of leading virtually

Barbie began her career in 1996 with a successful Bay Area start-up, building the HR function as the company grew from 20 to more than 500 employees. Following that adventure, she was exposed to more traditional HR while working for IBM and Cisco, based in Europe and the U.S. Through her career, Barbie has worked in or managed all areas of the HR function, facilities and IT. She served as the head of HR for Sportvision and Tiburon before joining Netflix as Vice President, HR in 2011. In 2017, Barbie rejoined the start-up world as GitLab’s Chief People Officer. GitLab was an all-remote company with team members in 54 countries.

She has a passion to enable remote work, build strong cultures that value inclusiveness and foster strong leadership. She has held Chief People Officer roles aClickUp, mParticle, LG Ad Solutions  and Safe Security. In addition, Barbie serves as Chair of the Compensation Committee on the Board of Directors for Amesite and as a Board Member for Haysto.

Barbie holds a B.A. from Santa Clara University and a Masters in Human Resources Management. Her greatest passion is enabling opportunities throughout the world through remote work readiness and leading virtually.

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