Benedict Evans

Leading Global Tech Analyst and Former Partner, Andreessen Horowitz

Benedict Evans

Benedict Evans

What matters in tech? Stepping back from the noise, Benedict works out what's really happening, what matters, and what it might mean. He has spent 20 years analysing mobile, digital media and technology, in investment banking, at Orange and NBC Universal, in strategy consulting and most recently in venture capital at Andreessen Horowitz in Silicon Valley.


Macroeconomic and Future Trends

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Benedict Evans is an expert in macroeconomic trends and writes a weekly newsletter on tech and media, picking the 10-20 pieces of news that mattered and explaining what they mean, with analysis and opinion to put things in context. Launched in 2013, it now has over 140,000 subscribers, with a wide and senior audience in technology, media and finance.

Every year, he produce a big presentation exploring macroeconomic and strategic trends in the tech industry. This year it is on: ‘Three Steps to the Future’.

The most exciting themes in technology today are transformative visions for 2025 or 2030: crypto, web3, VR, metaverse… and then everything else. Meanwhile, hundreds of start-ups take ideas from the last decade and deploy them over and over in one industry after another. And trying to keep up, the old economy faces waves of disruption from ideas we first talked about in the 1990s.

​He first gave his ‘Standing on the Shoulders of Giants’ presentation at an event in Davos in January 2020, in partnership with Nasdaq and Protocol.

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