Dan Taylor-Watt

Former Director of Product, BBC iPlayer, Digital Consultant and Speaker

Dan Taylor-Watt

Dan Taylor-Watt

There are lots of AI experts but few can make understanding it accessible, entertaining and actionable. Having led the introduction of AI to BBC iPlayer & BBC Sounds, Dan now helps companies from different sectors make sense of AI. From Senior Leadership teams to All Staff sessions, Dan’s talks help everyone get a shared understanding of what AI is, how it works, how it’s being used, what it might mean for media and society and - crucially - how to respond.


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As Director of Product at the BBC, Dan led the development of two of the UK’s most successful digital products: BBC iPlayer & BBC Sounds. He led the transformation of BBC iPlayer from 7-day catch-up website to fully-fledged TV streaming service, delivering 6 billion streams a year and the creation of BBC Sounds.

He also led the introduction of AI to make BBC iPlayer and BBC Sounds surface more personally relevant content in a scalable way.

He now helps companies around the world realise the potential – and avoid the pitfalls – of digital technologies, with a particular focus on AI.

He has worked with a wide range of organisations across sectors including TV, film, radio, music, education, arts, news, sport, publishing, fashion and consumer.

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