Mandy Hickson

Former Royal Air Force pilot, entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker

Mandy Hickson

Mandy Hickson

How do you motivate and inspire your staff to demonstrate outstanding leadership and teamwork under pressure; to stride confidently towards purposeful goals and maintain focus despite great risks? These critical success factors are clearly demonstrated by Mandy Hickson’s unique experiences of flying in a Front Line Tornado Squadron within hostile environments.


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Mandy Hickson has over 30 years experience within aviation. She joined the Royal Air Force in 1994 and was a the first woman to fly the Tornado GR4 on the front line, where she operated in hostile environments, including patrolling the ‘No Fly’ zone over Iraq. Since leaving the RAF she retrained as a facilitator and coach in human factors. Drawing on her experience of calculated risk-taking, decision-making under pressure and the critical role of the human in the system, she transfers vivid lessons from the cockpit to other management and leadership contexts. Mandy has served as an Aviation Ambassador for the Department for Transport.

Mandy is now a highly demanded keynote speaker, where she talks with humour and great passion to inspire those around her. She has been invited to share her insights with some of the most successful organisations across the world where she describes the strategies & behaviours that can be adopted when the stakes are at their highest. She has recently launched her bestselling book, ‘An Officer, not a gentleman’, her inspirational journey to become a pioneering female fighter pilot.

Mandy’s main themes are:

The building and empowerment of effective teams
• Inspired goal setting and ultimate focus
• Decision-making under extreme pressure
• Maintaining momentum despite losing top talent
• Nurturing a culture of self- confidence and aspiration

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