Professor David Gosset

Global Affairs and International Relations speaker and expert

Professor David Gosset

Professor David Gosset

Professor David Gosset is the founder of the Europe-China Forum and is a global affairs and international relations expert and speaker who has written extensively on China’s transformation and its global impact.


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David is devoted to building greater understanding between China and the West and he has received the cross of the silver order from the King of Spain and the French Legion of honour – France’s highest distinction for his work.

His analyses have been published by the Economist Intelligence Unit and he recently addressed Google’s top leaders and clients .

David Gosset is a Member of the Board of several European Companies and Institutions within education, management and industry. He can speak or write in Chinese, English and French.

In 2022, he started the C.E.A Think Tank Cooperation Forum, a special Rountable on China and the World after the 20th Congress of the Communist Party of Chia was held.

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