Sanjeevan Bala

Group Chief Data & AI Officer, ITV

Sanjeevan Bala

Sanjeevan Bala

Sanjeevan Bala stands at the forefront of emergent technologies, driving transformations that are radically reshaping the business and societal landscapes. Known for his innovative and visionary approach, Sanjeevan’s career is a testament to his ability to harness cutting-edge capabilities and translate them into groundbreaking opportunities. He is a superb speaker on AI, innovation and transformation.


Innovation and Disruption

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A Journey Through Leading Global Companies
Sanjeevan’s expertise spans a diverse array of industries and top-tier companies. From steering digital marketplaces like eBay and Zopa, to revolutionising retail giants such as Tesco (Dunnhumby) and Sobeys, his strategic insights have left an indelible mark. In healthcare, his work with MedicAid and Schering Plough has pushed the boundaries of medical innovation. Sanjeevan’s impact extends to utilities such as Centrica and Powergen, financial services with Barclays, Lloyds of London, and Citibank, and media and entertainment from TimeWarner, BSkyB, Channel4, and ITV. Even the prestigious auction house Sotheby’s has benefitted from his transformative vision.

Leadership and Board Appointments
With two International FTSE-listed board appointments, Sanjeevan offers a unique perspective on value creation through innovation at the highest levels of leadership. His executive experience is further enriched by his roles on numerous International Advisory Boards, including Data IQ, Gartner CDAIO, and the Data & Marketing Association (DMA), where he shapes the future of the digital, data, and AI community.

Educator and Influencer
Sanjeevan amplifies his influence through bi-annual guest lectures at INSEAD, where he teaches AI to the next generation of Global Executive MBA (GEMBA) students. His commitment to education ensures that his pioneering knowledge is passed on to future leaders.

Recognized Excellence
Sanjeevan’s work has garnered numerous international awards for diversity and innovation, earning the reputation of a multi-award winning builder of leadership teams. His contributions have been recognized globally, culminating in his accolade as the most influential person in Data & AI by DataIQ.

A Visionary Voice for the Future
Sanjeevan Bala’s journey is marked by his resilience, foresight, and an unyielding commitment to innovation. His unique blend of experience, from bruises and knocks to accolades and triumphs, equips him with unparalleled insights. As a speaker, Sanjeevan offers a compelling narrative of transformation and opportunity, inspiring audiences to envision and create a future defined by cutting-edge innovation and strategic foresight.

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