Stuart Tootal

Former Commander 3 PARA in Afghanistan, Speaker on leadership in uncertainty, & Author

Stuart Tootal

Stuart Tootal

Awarded the Distinguished Service Order (DSO) for his outstanding leadership of 3 PARA in Afghanistan, Stuart speaks with great eloquence about, the importance of leadership in uncertainty, purpose, and culture in empowering teams in the toughest possible circumstances.


Leadership in Uncertainty
Resilience and Wellbeing

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The first British unit to be sent to southern Afghanistan in 2006, with just 1,200 soldiers, Stuart’s battle group held a disparate number of isolated locations against relentless attack in an area that two years later was held by ten times the number of NATO troops. With resources stretched to breaking point, 3 PARA engaged in an intensity of combat not experienced by the British Army since the Korean War.

In an environment of extreme risk and uncertainty, Stuart had to make life and death decisions on a daily basis, as he led his people in the most challenging of environments, where empowerment of his teams was key and devolved leadership at all levels, purpose, and culture were essential.

He also talks about the ethics of leadership, leadership in uncertainty, decision-making and his own decision to resign from a highly successful military career, due to the poor treatment of his wounded on returning home.

Also a former global head of Barclays and now running his own change-management business, Stuart has published four books, and is Sunday Times bestselling author of Danger Close – Leading 3 PARA in Afghanistan and SAS Sea King Down.

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