Tessa Clarke

Co-Founder & CEO of OLIO & Former Exec at Dyson, top Sustainability speaker

Tessa Clarke

Tessa Clarke

Tessa is one of the UK’s most accomplished sustainability practitioners and Co-Founder of the multi award-winning OLIO who are embracing leading edge technology to exponentially reduce food waste in partnership with leading retailers such as Tesco and Pret. She is a highly sought after Sustainability speaker.

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Tessa is a passionate tech entrepreneur, formerly with Dyson, who has completely reimagined a whole sector.  Through the lens of OLIO she will explore how technology can play a role in tackling the major sustainability issue of food waste.

​About OLIO

This agile and innovative solution to food waste has led the organisation to go from B2C to B2B in a short few years and Tessa can share how she engaged major food retailers such as Tesco and Pret A Manger and the benefits that has brought to these organisations.

From humble beginnings on an isolated farm, via a high-flying corporate career, Tessa is now applying her hallmark passion and fearlessness to one of the largest problems facing humanity today.

After studying Social & Political Sciences at Cambridge University, Tessa became a strategy consultant with the Boston Consulting Group. It was here that she honed her trade-mark strategic thinking and passion for business. After an extensive career in media she joined Dyson – of vacuum cleaner & bladeless fan fame – as their first C-level director responsible for taking Dyson digital. This included launching e-commerce stores in the major international markets, as well as running an in-house team of web developers and digital marketers responsible for all of Dyson’s digital marketing and CRM. Working closely alongside James Dyson and the rest of the senior management team for 4 years, Tessa saw up close and personal how one of the most innovative and iconic UK brands of all times is managed and grown.

OLIO’s Awards

In 2018 OLIO’s pioneering work was recognised by the United Nations as an example of a truly scalable solution to the problem of climate change, and given a coveted “Momentum for Change” award. OLIO has also won numerous other awards including Chivas The Venture in the UK, The Europas, Sustainable Cities, Feel Good Brands and the Digital Agenda Impact Awards. OLIO is a member of the Mayor of London’s International Business Programme, is part of the select Upscale programme and in 2018 was accepted as an Unreasonable company.

To hear Tessa as a Sustainability speaker, check out Tessa on the following podcasts or videos, or hear her TED TALK!

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