Todd Yellin

Former head of product and innovation at Netflix, Filmmaker

Todd Yellin

Todd Yellin

How is AI revolutionising the entertainment industry? At Netflix, Todd and his team dove deep into the world of AI to tackle many challenges. Now, as a filmmaker, he understands the promise (and threat) of tools like Chat GPT and other generative AI technologies. He has a knack for explaining the application of such technology in an understandable, compelling way. A vibrant speaker, Todd helps organisations unlock more innovation via creating a high-context, low-control culture. Additionally, he’s adept at helping others present and inspire via storytelling.


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It would be hard to find an organisation,that has done a better job at closing the gap between what it says and what it does than Netflix. Todd can give you an inside look at how Netflix has created and maintained a unique corporate culture that has fuelled innovation to upend the global entertainment industry and leave rivals chasing the 27-year-old company. A vibrant speaker, Todd helps organisations unlock more innovation via creating a high-context, low-control culture.

At the heart of Netflix’s culture is its extreme openness. Netflix is well-known for its high-performance culture. The company transparently and proudly pays above-market salaries. It treats its workers as if they were part of a Premier League team that is, year in and year out, gunning for the title. They create a culture to make fast decisions, but have enough humility to quickly admit defeat if necessary.

Todd will share the company’s key culture mantras and explain how these mantras can lead to more innovation and the challenges in implementing and maintaining. He shares insights into what to do when size and global scale makes innovation more challenging.

Todd, as head of product, helped lead the charge to transform Netflix from a US DVD-by-mail service into a global entertainment company that revolutionised the way movies and TV shows are created, distributed and consumed.  He was responsible for leveraging vast amounts of information and best-in-class user interfaces across numerous viewing devices to create an easy, compelling way for Netflix members to find something great to watch. Todd also oversaw member acquisition, studio technology and partnerships. He and his teams continually applied the latest in machine learning and AI technology to maximise the end-to-end Netflix experience for content creators and consumers.  

At the end of 2022 he left Netflix, after 17 years to return to his writing and directing roots. He is currently an independent filmmaker based in Northern California, continually experimenting with Chap GPT, among other technologies, to see how it can serve the creative process.  Before joining Netflix in 2006, he wrote and directed the feature film Brother’s Shadow. Before that, as a documentarian for British TV, he filmed Tibetan refugees escaping over the Himalayas from China to India, and smuggled footage of political oppression out of Myanmar. Prior to his Asian adventures, Todd received an MFA in film production from USC.

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