Walter De Brouwer

Leading AI Speaker, Expert and Serial Entrepreneur

Walter De Brouwer

Walter De Brouwer

Walter is one of the world’s most qualified experts on Generative AI and a truly outstanding AI speaker. A fantastic TED Talk speaker he also lectures on BAM (Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence & Metaverse) at Stanford University. He is a serial entrepreneur having built and sold multiple AI businesses and was recently awarded “AI Visionary” from Midjourney, after presenting on Chat GPT at the world’s first global hospitality event for Forbes Travel Guide.


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The age of Generative AI is here and it will have a profound impact on every aspect of business and society. Walter is one of the finest AI speakers in the world and is able to demystify all things Generative AI, What is it? What isn’t it? and the practical, tangible applications in every aspect of business.

No leader, right now can afford not to understand the implications of AI. Every organisation needs to learn how to navigate the line between transformative and terrifying when it comes to this brand-new, life-changing technology.

Walter is an active contributor and beta tester of various Generative AI projects, LLMs, and foundation models. His research interests are in Multimodal Transformers, AGI, Autonomous Generative Agents, Token Segmentation and 6G. He is the author of 53 patents.

Collaborating with Polygon Technology WDB made a new white-label Generative AI platform format for large entertainment brands in Sports Gaming, Music Collectibles, and Content publishing which are concerned about brand safety. Polygon is the leading EVM L2 blockchain with 206M active wallets. The project will be integrated in and feature new categories of NFTs with Generative AI, SnowGPT, multimodal LLMs, on-chain streaming solutions and zkEVM in Polygon’s Supernet product. SnowGPT has ingested the complete Polygon blockchain with millions of NFTs and can now generate NFTs in real time and mint them simultaneously.

His private clients include Chatbot Intelligence Inc. (New York), TPG’s Lyric (Miami) and XYCorp (Los Angeles).

Walter is a member of TED, a distinguished lecturer and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, having served as President of RSA Europe from 2006-8.

He recently gave his own TEDx talk on AI – please watch here.

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