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Video: Highlights of interview – Simon Casson, President EMEA Hotel Operations -The Four Seasons

Apr 20th 2022

Enjoy this video extract from Alan Jope CEO of Unilever on global trends, from Wavelength Inspire October 2021

Simon Casson, the EMEA President, Hotel Operations, at The Four Seasons, joined the Wavelength Inspire session in March 2022, sharing fascinating insights into service excellence and leadership. Facilitated by Sophie Devonshire, CEO of The Marketing Society, the session explored what it takes to be a leader who works their way up from pot-washer to President.

Hear Simon share his thoughts on how to lead an organisation that has to deliver exceptional customer service multiple times every day and how to balance professional standards with personal touches at scale. He also talks about the importance of remaining authentic, inspiring and human as a leader. BE GLORIOUS YOU.

Simon speaks eloquently and openly in sharing the stories behind his success. He shares candidly the challenges and privileges involved in this leadership role and provides actionable takeaways and insights for anyone thinking about questions of leadership, employee motivation and brand service excellence.

Watch the highlights of the session here.

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