Episode 10: The Personal Boardroom

Amanda Scott, co-founder, Personal Boardroom in conversation with Wavelength Associate Liz Moseley.

Episode 10: The Personal Boardroom

For curious business leaders

Great leaders actively build networks around them that they can turn to for advice, ideas and support. In this episode of Wavelength’s Making Waves podcast series, Wavelength associate Liz Moseley interviews Amanda Scott, co-founder of Personal Boardroom.

Together they explore The Personal Boardroom – a highly practical tool that will help you build a more effective network to help propel you forward in your career – and examine the potential inspiration and trend verification already sitting in your contact list.

The Personal Boardroom encourages you to look at personal leadership and consider who’s in your personal boardroom. Amanda challenges you to ask yourself, do you have access to a powerful, external network of people to help advise, connect and support you?

Why is the Personal Boardroom so important?

This podcast helps to turn the traditional concept of the dreaded networking on its head and instead focuses on developing powerful networks based on 12 well-defined roles and targeted quality relationships – using a practical methodology and tool.

Amanda will encourage you to look at who’s in your personal boardroom, to think about the diversity of your network of contacts, and consider whether they are all in your own industry or sector. This podcast will lead you to think about the importance of a strong network of people and how you can build that.

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