Amanda Scott

Co-founder, The Personal Boardroom

Amanda Scott

Amanda Scott

Amanda Scott's career spans advertising, being an agent for actors, and a decade as an executive coach, before discovering the power of networks and co-founding Personal Boardroom with Zella. Amanda is the lead facilitator and regular speaker on Personal Boardroom’s work.


The Personal Boardroom

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Finding new ways to help coaching clients survive and thrive during rapid change triggered a shift to network thinking and the creation of The Personal Boardroom. Amanda brings practical insights about people’s behaviour in organisational settings.

What is The Personal Boardroom?

The Personal Boardroom is a fresh, deliberate and structured way to think about your network. It’s a group of people who you have meaningful conversations with, about work, job, team, career and everything in between.

Amanda explains that your Personal Boardroom should:
– Provide the resources you need to be effective.
– Extend your reach beyond the obvious people to others who work in teams, businesses or industries that are different from yours, who can spark innovation.
– Create diversity of thought, by including people from different backgrounds and social worlds who see the world differently from you.

Amanda focuses on the value of external connections, especially now given the extreme economic challenges being faced. How you look to the outside world for ideas and stimulation is vital, as is having a role in the outside world to contribute to others. How to make this work virtually, given we don’t have the face-to-face opportunities we might have relied on, is also vital. It’s increasingly valuable to be able to relate to people in organisations who are similarly separated by distance.

Amanda builds a systemic perspective around what she can do through regular group supervision. It saves corporate buyers time if she can ask the important questions at the outset and keep both individual and the organisational perspective in mind at all times.

Amanda lives in a remote spot in the west of Ireland so virtual working has become second nature.