Episode 11: Three Trends Shaping 2023

David Mattin, founder, New World, Same Humans in conversation with Wavelength Associate Liz Moseley.

Episode 11: Three Trends Shaping 2023

For curious business leaders

Wavelength Making Waves is our podcast series for curious business leaders. In this podcast, our expert facilitator Liz Moseley is joined by world-renowned trends expert and speaker, David Mattin, founder of New World Same Humans.

David talks about trends:

  • What is a trend?
  • How does he identify them?
  • What are the implications of these trends on societies, on businesses, on marketers?

David shares three big trends that he is seeing right now.

Fascinatingly, David also shares his wish for future trends and touches on the buzzword we’ll all be bored of hearing by the end of 2023 – the Metaverse!

Generative AI

The impact of Generative AI on creativity. Chat GPTs. Are humans still special?

Personal control and local resilience

This trend was founded in the pandemic. A time that has left a lasting impact on us all. We learnt a lesson of fragility during the pandemic. Local networks and resources have become more important than ever.

The drive for transparency and responsible business transformation

An organisation used to be a black box, essentially outsiders couldn’t really see what was going on in there, and the brand was whatever you wanted to paint on the walls of the box.  People can now see inside organisations as never before.

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