David Mattin

Internationally recognised expert and speaker on consumer trends and Generative AI, Founder of New World, Same Humans

David Mattin

David Mattin

David Mattin is an internationally recognised expert and speaker on consumer trends, Generative AI, and the future of business and innovation. He's the founder of New World Same Humans, a newsletter on trends, technology, and our shared future that goes to 20,000 subscribers each week.


Innovation and Disruption
Macroeconomic and Future Trends

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London, UK


Customer and client expectations are accelerating faster than ever. David shares consumer trends to supercharge incumbent organisations.

Each one is an opportunity to innovate and create new products, services, and experiences. Along the way, he helps clients learn a simple, powerful framework that empowers them to start spotting their own trends.​

This enables them to gain understanding of where customers are heading and win in the Expectation Economy! He delves into:

  • Why looking at other industries is key when it comes to understanding where yours is heading next
  • How to decode the future by focusing on what doesn’t change
  • How a simple framework can empower leaders to spot emerging behaviours and attitudes and to innovate for them

David’s Recent Speaking Engagements

David recently presented for Wavelength at our LinkedIn Live event on Key Trends for 2023 and Beyond!

He also speaks regularly for Wavelength on our Connect programme.

David has spoken at leading conferences worldwide, including repeated slots at The Next Web, 15 Seconds, and the NEXT Conference hosted by Accenture Interactive. His keynote at the UBA Trends Day 2020, one of Europe’s largest trends conferences, was rated the event’s number one session by attendees.

David’s writing on the future of business and innovation has appeared in publications worldwide, including The Times, Google Think Quarterly, Quartz, and Wired magazine. He is the co-author of the book Trend-Driven Innovation, published by Wiley.

David is the Founder of New World Same Humans, a weekly trends and technology newsletter accessed by over 20k readers.