Episode 18: Wavelength in conversation with Oke Eleazu

Wavelength’s Liz Moseley in conversation with Oke Eleazu

Episode 18: Oke Eleazu in conversation with Wavelength’s Liz Moseley

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For curious business leaders

Oke Eleazu is the former UK CEO at the award-winning insurance unicorn, ManyPets. Oke joined Many Pets UK in 2016 and launched their disruptive customer focused pet insurance products into the market in early 2017 and by mid 2021 they had over half a million customers across three countries and a valuation of more than $2bn, making them a double unicorn!

What we chat about

We spoke to Oke about why so many businesses think ‘good enough’ is acceptable when it comes to delivering the customer experience. How to get the people in your organisation to really care about and prioritise CX, from getting the basics right, to putting the customer at the very heart of a business, and why innovating around great customer experience is key to making more money and building a long-term, sustainable business.

He also talks about why leadership is all about relying on other people, how he creates high-performing teams, and why looking for failures on a person’s CV is the most important thing! 

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