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Based on our core belief that leaders learn best from leaders, over 12 months Wavelength Connect 2021 will equip a cohort of 50 change-makers, from different sectors and industries with the insights, connections and energy to tackle the challenges and opportunities facing the world today. 

Wavelength Connect is focused on The Future of Business and underpinned by three pillars:


From Apple to Alibaba, unparalleled, global access to an ecosystem of some of the world's most iconic, progressive organisations and highly accomplished leaders.


50 top change-makers from a highly diverse array of sectors and organisations will learn together, from each other and collaborate.


Structures for applied learning throughout will shorten the timeline from inspiration to application.

Wavelength Connect 2021

Wavelength Connect is focused on The Future of Business. We brings together leaders from worlds that would not normally interact and provide access to the world’s most admired, successful, innovative companies – providing participants with the inspiration and knowledge to find solutions to core leadership and organisational challenges and to own and action them.

This is a leading-edge programme delivered using a combination of high-touch and high-tech platforms that will ensure your leaders and your business thrive in the future.

Wavelength Connect 2021 brochure

"I have done the MBA, I have done the business school courses but Connect is in a league of its own. A truly powerful programme which has made me think differently about my leadership and my business."

Frederico Santos, Customer Director, Carglass Portugal

What's the Focus of Connect?

The principal theme of Connect is The Future of Business. We will explore this topic in depth from four core angles:

Innovation & Agility

The pandemic has reinforced the need for every business to be more agile, innovative, and externally aware. Participants will be provided with access to the world’s most innovative companies from Silicon Valley, China, Europe, and beyond to gain invaluable insights on innovation.

  • What are the new business models, technologies and consumer trends that every executive should be aware of?

  • How do you create and sustain an agile organisation?

  • What does it take to reinvent and reimagine incumbent businesses at speed?

  • What models of innovation are going to be needed to stay ahead?

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Culture and Future Workforce

The way we work has changed irrevocably. Running a business in a virtual or hybrid world poses many questions:

  • How do you build a strong, diverse, and inclusive organisational culture?

  • How do you lead?

  • What is the purpose of the office now?

  • What is the shift needed now to recruit and retain the best talent?

We will hear from organisations at the forefront of new ways of working including: an organisation with 1.5k people in 55 countries that has no offices; and another with 15k front-line staff operating in self-managed teams supported by a back office team of just 50.

Personal Leadership

We believe transformation starts with the individual so at the heart of and running throughout the programme we will hear personal leadership stories from some of the world’s most accomplished and inspirational leaders. We will explore:

  • How do you remain resilient and resourceful during times of unprecedented change?

  • How do you lead a virtual or hybrid organisation?

  • How do you develop a powerful, relevant personal boardroom network of mentors, provocateurs, and allies?

  • What does it take to lead with and for purpose?


The Responsible Organisation

The future organisation needs to align profit with social purpose more than ever. In order to do so businesses will need to address key issues – getting it wrong can have disastrous and rapid consequences for brands.

  • What is the role of business in tackling climate change and rising inequality?

  • What does the advent of consumer activism mean?

  • What other societal challenges should business leaders consider?

We will hear from leaders and organisations about what it takes to put social and environmental responsibility at the heart of your business and transform to make net-positive contributions to the environment and society as a whole.

Who is Wavelength Connect for?

Wavelength Connect is designed for your best – your change agents, chief enthusiasts, connectors, and doers.

These individuals may be on your existing Exco or amongst your top talent pool. We are inviting organisations to send a small and carefully selected cohort of up to five leaders of this profile on Wavelength Connect.

Each year 50 leaders from leading FTSE 100 companies, social enterprises, charities and public sector agencies participate in Wavelength Connect.


"Connect helped me navigate a time of profound change - for my industry, my company and for myself. It could not have come at a better time, and proved to be a real anchor and inspiration in a time of immense uncertainty."

Suzy Hay, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Guardian Media Group

The Time Commitment

Over the course of 12-months each individual participant will attend:

  • 8 days of face-to-face events and immersive visits;

  • 27 hours (approximately three days) of virtual events, coaching, working groups, and connectivity sessions. These will be delivered in bite sized 60-90 minute sessions across 12-months.


How Will Connect Work?


Experiential Events

Two residential events (in April and Sept) for the whole cohort featuring inspiring speakers and organisations designed to challenge and provoke thinking, alongside activities designed to drive connectivity.

Recent speakers include senior leaders from Unilever, Guardian Media Group, Women’s Football, FA, BBC, DPD, Women of the World Festival, and The Prince's Trust.

Behind the Brand

Wavelength opens the doors to the boardrooms and shop floors of a dynamic mix of iconic brands and hidden gems for participants to experience first-hand how they create and sustain brilliant customer service, recruit and retain great talent, innovate and excel in an online omni-channel world.

Our hosts have included: Apple, LEGO, Liverpool Football Club, IKEA, Four Seasons, Pret A Manger, BBC, John Lewis Partnership, and Eden Project.


Up Close & Virtual

Global, facilitated, virtual immersions inside leading businesses in China, Silicon Valley, India and beyond delivered using state-of-the-art virtual technology.

Recent speakers include senior leaders from Alibaba, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, Tesla, Aravind Eye Care System, Salesforce, WL Gore & Associates, and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and commentators.


"Connecting with fellow leaders from corporates, charities and government authorities was an enriching experience. Wavelength has awoken my consciousness on how I can make a difference in the world."

Ming Lee, GFS Head of Programme, Jaguar Land Rover

Leadership Masterclass

Our Leadership Masterclasses give unique access to experienced and successful leaders from a variety of sectors and industries.

These in-depth fireside chats with highly accomplished leaders sharing their hard-learnt lessons in leadership alongside specific sessions focusing on key leadership tools such as the art of Storytelling.

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Connection Cafes

We have become a digitally native world, connected virtually, but increasingly disconnected on many other levels. Hardwired across the Wavelength Connect programme are structured virtual and face-to-face sessions to connect across the cohort, and create invaluable external networks.

Applied Learning

Peer Working Groups

Working in smaller groups of ten, facilitated virtual sessions to draw out key insights, diversity of perspectives, and land learnings to apply back into participants organisations. This is at the heart of the experiential applied learning model.​

Coaching to Action

Individual coaching sessions for each participant to help translate the insights and learnings into concrete actions back in their organisations.


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